Why Merino Wool?

- Superior temperature regulating properties

- Moisture wicking

- Static resistant (no hat hair!)

- Odor repellant (antimicrobial)

- Extra soft fibers are non-irritating

- No need for harsh chemicals or additives

- Biodegradable/compostable

- This Merino wool is hand-dyed in small batches

- Gently, sustainably, nourished and harvested


Care for Your Knits

1. Remove pom - gently brush faux fur fibers before storing during the summer.

2. Hand wash beanies, headbands, and other knits with gentle wool wash such as Soak Wool Wash in warm water. Soak Wool Wash doesn't require a rinse cycle.

3. Lay on a dry towel and fold towel and press to remove excess moisture. (don't aggressively wring out knits). Lay flat to dry the rest of the way. Since Merino Wool has natural moisture wicking and odor-repelling qualities, you will likely only need to wash this item once or twice per winter depending on wear.