I am so excited to share my knits n things with you and your loved ones! Thank you so much for taking the time to be here.


Thanks for stopping by!

My name is Chelsea. I live in Oak Creek, Colorado with my husband and 3 dogs (Pickles, Ernie & Ruby). We run a whitewater rafting company together during the summer, & love getting outside whenever possible.

When you make a purchase from Prickly Pear Knitwear rest assured your support will be kept in our local community and shared with other small businesses much like this one. I will keep you updated here and in the blog. Know that your support will allow me to keep knitting & doing all the things I love.

I learned to knit almost 15 years ago. I didn't truly fall down the knitting rabbit hole until I started working with high quality fibers, my sensory issues wouldn't tolerate scratchy or abrasive yarns for much more than a project or two. Once I found lux ultra soft fibers I became extremely passionate and began learning everything I possibly could about knitting and different types of yarns. So here I am, sharing the things I love with the world & I feel blessed for the opportunity to do so.


Hanging by a Skein

I had my 6th ankle surgery in 2021, It became clear that I would need to make a few adjustments to account for a fair amount of new mobility - erm, let's call them, quirks + future surgeries.

During winter of 2022 I had my 7th and 8th extremely aggressive ankle, knee, & foot surgery. I can honestly say knitting likely saved my mental health. Knitting became an outlet. My sanity was literally hanging by a skein. I clung to my knitting needles as I came to terms with the fact I would need yet more surgery in the future. So here I am, attempting to follow this dream with a few creative modifications.

If you've made it this far, know that I am extremely grateful you are here ♡ Thank you!